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 Making the web work for you

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Welcome to my ever-expanding collection of resources. These are designed to help you with your business online. There are a few personal stories thrown in along the way. Have a browse, there will be something for you. 

Business Resources

Google analytics on a tablet

A tour of Google Analytics

This video shows you around Google Analytics so you can happening to your website.

bust networking event

Growing your business with networking

I have built a business, almost entirely, using networking. I continue to network, although less than I used to. I now have a large business network, built up from going to networking meetings. These are people I’ve met, chatted with over coffee and I know…

cartoon letters and post box

Making use of your mailing list

Any emails in your distribution list are usually hard-won and worth making the most of. But what is the best way to make the most of these precious resources?

Line of american style post boxes

Collecting emails from your website

Why would you want to collect email addresses from people visiting your website? Well, you can contact them. That’s pretty useful. Being able to send something into a lead’s inbox is much more powerful, personal and direct than posting on social media…

google my business logo

Google my Business

Google my business is a powerful free tool that works to help get your business found online. Are you using it? Have a look and find out how this tool can help your business.

Website help and advice

Wordpress symbol floating in the sea

A basic tour of WordPress

This video shows you around the basic functions within the WordPress dashbo

Website Content. Help, hints and tips

Many people choose to create their own website content. Once that decision has been made many people are then unsure where to start. Those that do make a start are unsure about the level of details that’s required and what to write about…

Why is no-one visiting my website?

You’ve spent the money, or time, on a great new website for your business only to find no-one is visiting it. I get lots of people asking me the question ‘How can I get visitors to my website?’
My first response is always…

Give your website a five minute check

Websites are often built in a flurry of activity and excitement and then very often ignored and forgotten. Even those that are updated with new blogs and content can gradually fall behind…

Playmobile man taking a photo

Photos for your website, blog and social media

Websites, social media and blogs need images or videos for engagement and looks. A webpage of plain text or a plain text Facebook post isn’t going to get much attention…

woman having a massage

The advantages of online booking

Are you a therapist, or another professional who makes money from appointments? How do people book those appointments? For regulars, it’s often easy. At the end of the appointment get out the diary and book in the next one.
What about the new client? Or the client who just comes periodically. How do they get an appointment? Usually, this is by phone, text, Whatsapp, Facebook message, or another messaging system trying to get hold of you.

abstract blue painting

Basic Image editing

This video shows you how you can do basic image editing using free software…

Personal Stories

The long day

The raft flipped. One, two, three, four, five… six…seven, eight. Everyone quickly popped out of the water and were hanging onto the sides. This part of the river wasn’t so hard. I wasn’t sure how it had flipped…

Maputo from across the bay

The Big Move

Sam Hollis Web DesignMaking the web work for youSam Hollis Web Design Making the web work for youSam Hollis Web DesignMaking the web work for you Sam Hollis is a Web Designer, Dad, Serial networker and Smallholder. 'I'm alway happy to chat and advice is always free'...

Why am I not lambing this year?

Why should I be lambing? Because I have six sheep, chewing happily in the field at home, which I look over as I write. I have 2 lambs and 4 ewes (mature females)…

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