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Welcome to our ever-expanding collection of resources. These are designed to help you with your business online. There are a few personal stories thrown in along the way. Have a browse, there will be something for you. 

Business Resources

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Collecting emails from your website

Why would you want to collect email addresses from people visiting your website? Well, you can contact them. That’s pretty useful. Being able to send something into a lead’s inbox is much more powerful, personal and direct than posting on social media…

Writing a WordPress Blog

Adding a new blog to your website

Sam takes you through a step by step guide to adding blogs to your WordPress Website.

Planning an Effective Sales Website

As a Christmas gift to you, here is a guide to designing the perfect site to take you into the world of online sales.

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A tour of Moosend

Get a guided tour of the Moosend interface. See how to setup mailing lists newsletters and automatic emails, all for free

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Making use of your mailing list

Any emails in your distribution list are usually hard-won and worth making the most of. But what is the best way to make the most of these precious resources?

Internetworking: Making the Most of Networking Online

Networking is great for small businesses. I built my company around it with the help of hundreds of handshakes and thousands of cups of coffee. It’s good news then that networking can go on, even if the handshakes can’t. Thanks to online video conferencing technology, social media and some clever organisers, there are many ways to make similar connections on the net.

Packaging Your Services Part 1: How Packaging Services Can Earn You More Money

Tips on how to increase your income significantly through productisation – turning services and everyday things into priced, packaged products that can be sold as a unit

How do I get visitors to my website?

How do I get visitors to my website? The question is almost as old as the internet itself. Many people who invest in a site find that no matter how well designed it is, bringing people to it is an entirely new challenge demanding time, effort and new knowledge.

Why should I be interested in lead magnets?

Why should I be interested in lead magnets?

The short answer is you should be interested because a good lead magnet generates lots of leads, which make you money. They are a heck of a lot better at doing this than normal home pages or ‘contact me’ links for a few reasons

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Google my Business

Google my business is a powerful free tool that works to help get your business found online. Are you using it? Have a look and find out how this tool can help your business.

Website help and advice

Thinking Outside Your Website

As a web designer, I know exactly how it feels to get a website on the internet…

Then come the questions: What do I do now? Where is the bonanza of customers knocking on my virtual door? I’ve got this great site, so why isn’t it generating great business?

Although a good site is a big step on the way to getting torrents of business online, it is still the first step.

Why is no-one visiting my website?

You’ve spent the money, or time, on a great new website for your business only to find no-one is visiting it. I get lots of people asking me the question ‘How can I get visitors to my website?’
My first response is always…

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Basic Image editing

This video shows you how you can do basic image editing using free software…

How to Get My Website Found on Google

I get many, many questions about how my clients can get SEO on their site, how they can use SEO to bring more visitors in and such. So, it seems like a good idea to put the answers out there for you guys.

Planning an Effective Sales Website

As a Christmas gift to you, here is a guide to designing the perfect site to take you into the world of online sales.

ready to add a wordpress blog

Adding a Blog to a WordPress Divi Website

This blog explains how to add a blog to a WordPress website if it is built using the Divi theme.

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Photos for your website, blog and social media

Websites, social media and blogs need images or videos for engagement and looks. A webpage of plain text or a plain text Facebook post isn’t going to get much attention…

Website Content. Help, hints and tips

Many people choose to create their own website content. Once that decision has been made many people are then unsure where to start. Those that do make a start are unsure about the level of details that’s required and what to write about…

How to get a grant for your website or online advertising campaign in Humberside.

If you’re thinking of creating your first website, upgrading a site, or launching an online marketing campaign, you could get one of two grants from the government to fund part of the process. We can make it easy to fund and get a site this way.

Give your website a five minute check

Websites are often built in a flurry of activity and excitement and then very often ignored and forgotten. Even those that are updated with new blogs and content can gradually fall behind…

Personal Stories

The long day

The raft flipped. One, two, three, four, five… six…seven, eight. Everyone quickly popped out of the water and were hanging onto the sides. This part of the river wasn’t so hard. I wasn’t sure how it had flipped…

Why am I not lambing this year?

Why should I be lambing? Because I have six sheep, chewing happily in the field at home, which I look over as I write. I have 2 lambs and 4 ewes (mature females)…

laptop by the pool

Living the laptop lifestyle

We have all heard about the laptop lifestyle. Traveling and working. But how does it work in practice and could it work for you? I’ll start by explaining where I am currently living and whether I can really be said to be living the laptop lifestyle. I’m currently living in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, in Africa.

Maputo from across the bay

The Big Move

At the end of a normal day, my wife asked ‘would you like to move to Mozambique?’. My first reaction was to find a map.

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